How can I speak at a City Commission Meeting?

Meetings Open To Public: All meetings of the City Commission shall be open to the public and conducted in a manner consistent with the Sunshine Law; provided that, certain attorney client sessions, as permitted by Section 286.011, F.S., and meetings relating to collective bargaining issues, as permitted by Section 447.605 shall be permitted to be conducted in private.

Public to be heard - Non-Agenda Issues: During the Public Comment section of the agenda, anyone may speak for three (3) minutes on any matter relating to the business of the City or public policy, excluding matters on the agenda, and a one (1)  minute extension may be granted by the Mayor. All persons speaking on non-agenda issues shall be subject to the following rules:              

  • The speaker must come to the podium and first state his/her name, address and name of the organization if she/he represents an organization.
  • All remarks shall be related to City business issues or matters of public policy.
  • No loaning or transferring of minutes shall occur.
  • Redundant comments are deemed to have a dilatory effect on the expeditious and orderly progress of the meeting and are not allowed.
  • The speaker shall only address the Commission.

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