Can I have documents notarized at the City Clerk’s Office?

Per Ordinance No. 2011/024, a charge of $5.00 shall be assessed for each notarial act requested by the public and performed by a city official or employee of the City of Deerfield Beach; however, the City does NOT notarize the following documents: 

  •  photographs
  •  copies of birth certificates, or any other vital record or public record
  •  the translation of a document from one language to another
  •  we do not provide signature guarantees
  •  the authenticity of objects, such as art or sports memorabilia
  •  we do not judge contests or certify contest results
  •  we do not certify a person’s residency or citizenship status
  •  legal documents, or immigration papers
  • any document an employee or city official is uncomfortable with notarizing

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