Do individuals with a disability get free parking?

When occupying a designated handicap parking space, individuals owning a valid, current handicap placard can park for free for the duration of the designated time frame.
In ZONE 8503 the designated time frame is until 12 midnight
In ZONE 8504 the designated time frame is until 11 pm.
The handicap placard shall be visibly displayed for the ENTRE duration of the parking session.

Individuals occupying a non-designated parking space shall receive the FIRST 4 HOURS of parking at no charge. To qualify, the individual shall register their license plate at one of the multi-space pay stations strategically located throughout the Barrier Island. Failure to register shall render the parking session as unpaid and in violation of Ordinance 66-77; which carries a fine amount of $30.00.

The 4-hours of complimentary parking applies ONLY to on-street parking.
Complimentary parking is NOT available on any off-street parking lot.

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