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Posted on: November 22, 2022

Deerfield Beach Festival of the Arts 2023 Poster Contest Winner Announced!

The City of Deerfield Beach and Deerfield Beach Cultural Committee is excited to announce that our 2023 Festival of the Arts Poster has been chosen! Barbara Allen is a photographer and digital artist living in Pompano Beach, Florida, where she spends her time photographing the beauty of her local area with surrounding beaches and new architecture. Barbara's interest in photography began in the darkroom during her senior year of high school in Holmdel, NJ. Little did she know that her graduation gift, a Pentax K-1000, would become her travel companion for many future years. She earned an Associate's Degree in Graphic Communications Design, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Florida. Travel was never thought of before starting her career in the marketing department for an up-and-coming airline in the 80s. This job became the gateway to her present career as a flight attendant affording her the time and flexibility to pursue her passion for photography.

Travel and photography are a perfect balance as one gives inspiration to the other. She credits her mother for teaching her to follow her heart and her best friend and former business partner for all the knowledge she gained working together. Having a camera is like riding a bike instead of driving a car. You see things differently and longer when looking through the lens. It is a different experience once you put a lens between your eye and where you are looking. It can be mesmerizing. The world can stand still for an incredible amount of time. Although the adventures of travel to new and intriguing places are exciting, capturing the local area she knows and loves is more rewarding. Barbara is the selected artist for the 2023 Deerfield Beach Festival of the Arts poster. The Marriott Resort & Spa and the City of Pompano Beach have commissioned her. Her work has been published in Venice magazine, has earned Epson photo awards, and is on eight traffic boxes in Broward County. Her work will be on display March-June 2023 at the Hilton Pompano Beach Pier and will feature local photography. Her work can be seen on her website,

Please help us congratulate Barbara!

For more information, call Community Events at 954-480-4429 or visit

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