Cultural Committee


  • Making recommendations to the City Commission on various cultural events and projects to be undertaken by the City of Deerfield Beach Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Enter into initial and/or preliminary discussions and negotiations concerning the arrangement of cultural events for the city but the committee is not empowered to contract merely to recommend said events in an advisory capacity to the City Commission.
  • Make recommendations to the City Commission for the arranging of cultural events, including but not limited to, the method of distribution of tickets and general promotion/marketing of said events.
  • Should the Cultural Committee receive any monies from ticket sales or should it receive donations for cultural events then all such monies shall be reserved for cultural events and facilities.
  • The Cultural Committee is empowered in an advisory capacity to recommend various expenditures that may be incurred in connection with the presentation of city-approved cultural events. Such expenditures shall only be incurred upon the approval of the City Manager.
  • The Cultural Committee shall meet monthly and shall keep minutes of its meetings. The committee shall transmit the minutes of its meetings to the Parks and Recreation Department staff liaison who will then forward the approved minutes onto the City Clerk’s Office.

Membership requirement:

  • Resident of the City 
  • Pass a Level II background check
  • Financial Disclosure Statement: NOT required

Membership makeup: 

  • 5 members - 1 from each District, 1 at large
  • 5 alternates - 1 from each District, 1 at large

Board Liaison:

Email Lauren Goas, (954) 480-4429.

For more information (meeting details or board-related questions), please contact the board liaison.