Arboretum at Constitution Park

The Arboretum, our "Tree Zoo" is approximately nine acres of land containing over 200 exotic trees from five continents around the world. These trees are displayed along a half-mile walking path, fully accessible by wheelchair. The types of trees included in the tree zoo are Flowering Tropical Fruit, Exotics, Palms, Wetlands, Bamboo, Natives and the Butterfly Garden.

H.W. "Zeke" LandisNursery:

Come and see our nursery. The nursery houses numerous plants for display in the arboretum and for sale to the public.


Tours of the Arboretum are offered on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00AM from September - June. Theses tours are free to the public but special group tours require a minimum of $25 donation.

Friends of the Arboretum:

Membership donations and volunteer work support the Arboretum. This support allows for the purchase of new plants, equipment and maintenance. Benefits of becoming a Friend are $20 vouchers for a free tree redeemable at the spring tree sale or Winter Friend tree sale, a tree from the Friends nursery to replace one lost to citrus canker and free monthly horticulture seminars featuring guest speakers ardent in the field of horticulture/arboricultural topics. Visit the Friends of the Deerfield Beach Arboretum website at

Volunteer Program

The survival of the Nursery depends largely upon the volunteers and members. At the Arboretum and Friends Nursery, volunteer work is relied on in every area of operation. As a volunteer you gain personal satisfaction from accomplishing challenging and rewarding tasks that are as varied as the plants on the ground. Membership dues are free for the first year and a T-shirt is given to you as a thank you. 

Volunteers help the Arboretum grow by:

-Planting, weeding, fertilizing and pruning

-Gathering seed and seedlings

-Aquatic maintenance

-Spreading mulch

-Irrigation repairs


-Participation as walking tour guides

-Developing new areas in the Arboretum

Some of the ways the nursery volunteers help:

-Growing plants for upcoming sales

-Weeding the plants

-Re-potting to larger containers


-Planting seeds and cuttings

Other ways for volunteers to help:

-Joining committees for membership, volunteering at fundraising events

-Working at the Friends booth during community events

-Leading environmental education programs for school classes

Horticultural Seminars

Join us here in Constitution Park's main room for a free monthly horticultural seminar featuring guest speakers ardent in the field of horticulture and arboricultural topics.

Due to the growing health concerns associated to COVID-19, the City of Deerfield Beach Parks and Recreation Department is disappointed to announce the postponement of this activity until further notice.

Walking Trail

Relax and enjoy a scenic stroll on our 1/2 mile paved, walking/jogging trail through the arboretum. The trail winds through the various exotic plants and trees and follows the canal surrounding the park. Don't forget your binoculars and camera! The arboretum is teaming with butterflies, otter, raccoon, turtles, ducks and much more.