The City Landscaping Division is part of the Planning and Development Department and is responsible for landscape plan reviews, landscape inspections, landscape code enforcement, tree removal permits, arboriculture education, street-scaping, and landscape design.

The purpose of the Landscaping Division is to contribute to the processes of air movement, air purification, oxygen regeneration, groundwater recharge, and stormwater retention while aiding in the abatement of noise, glare, heat, air pollution, and dust generated by major roadways and intense use areas. There are many other purposes for trees such as reducing the erosion of our topsoil by wind and water, cut heating and cooling costs, moderate air temperature, clean the air, produce valuable oxygen, and provide habitat for wildlife.  Basically, they are essential for our survival. 

Landscape manual cover

Landscape Manual

Reference for in-depth landscape requirements.

Book says City Code, Land Development Code Opens in new window

Landscape Code

City code in regards to landscaping.

application on clipboard with pen

Landscape Permits

App's for Landscaping or Tree Removal.

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Find an Arborist

Where to find a certified arborist & check credentials.

Broward County Landscape Code book Opens in new window

Broward County Code

Older sections of Deerfield, unsure-call us.

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Based on the type of property you own.

FAQ's with question marks


Most frequently asked questions.

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Approved Tree List

PDF of the approved tree list.

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