Purchasing and Contract Administration Division


Mission Statement:

The Purchasing and Contract Administration Division is dedicated to providing exemplary support to the City of Deerfield Beach departments and vendors without favoritism, arbitrariness, or capriciousness. We serve as the City's agent in procuring goods and services using a best-value approach while maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards to ensure a fair and transparent procurement process. We monitor performance and seek improvement by implementing best practices and innovative purchasing methods with the goal of realizing cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

e-Procurement Marketplace

The e-Procurement Marketplace is an electronic procurement system where vendors can register and maintain their profile, be notified via e-mail of bidding opportunities, and respond to bids electronically. No longer will vendors have to rely on the Purchasing Division to make changes to your supplier profile; with your username and password, vendors will make the changes as they occur. Additionally, vendors will no longer have to submit numerous and costly hardcopy bids and scramble to have them submitted to our office by the due date and time; vendors now submit bids electronically from the comfort of their office and bid responses are received instantly the moment they are submitted.

Vendor Commodity/Service Codes (NIGP Code)

The City uses the NIGP Code for vendor management. The Code is the most widely used commodity/service code in the public sector. Several agencies in South Florida use the Code including: Broward County, Broward Schools, Coral Springs, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes, Miami, Miramar, Tamarac, and the State of Florida. So, if you’re a registered vendor with any one of those entities, you should be familiar with the Code.

The Code allows:

  1. Vendors to register and assign themselves codes associated with the products and services they offer.
  2. Purchasing to effectively source purchases by matching the right vendors to the right bid opportunity.
  3. The City to report exactly what its buying, how much, and from whom.
When registering via the e-Procurement Marketplace please ensure that you select all commodities codes that apply to products and services you offer. To view a listing of the Code please click here

No Gift Policy

City of Deerfield Beach employees are not allowed to accept gifts from vendors.

If you customarily send a token of appreciation to your customers, the City asks that you please not send any item to City employees or offices.

There are many worthy organizations in our community that would be happy to receive such items, and will be able to see that they go to people in need. Your assistance is appreciated.