The Department of Information Technology Services (IT Services) provides technical assistance to all City departments. Our mission is to maintain the backbone systems that provide automation to the City. Our Motto is “We help you do what you do - BETTER!” One core area of responsibility for IT Services is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system. The ERP is business process management software that allows City departments to use a system of integrated applications to manage City operations and automate many back-office functions related to Technology, Services, and Human Resources. A wide range of business functions are supported and includes, but is not limited to; Accounting, Payroll, Utility Billing, Land Management, Business Tax Receipts, Point-Of-Sale, Purchasing/Inventory, Work Order, Fleet Maintenance, and E-gov services.

IT Services is also responsible for managing: backups and restores; Disaster Recovery; desktops; Geographic Information System (GIS); Network Services; Virtual Private Network (VPN); Voice over IP (VoIP); online payments; mobile device management; video and sound for Regular Commission Meetings; desktop peripherals and other workstation support as required.

GIS is an intricate part of IT Services and serves as the backbone for Land Management. IT Services leverages GIS beyond maps and graphs by allowing visualization of spatial data to support and improve City operations. The use of maps improves communications between different departments and disciplines allowing GIS technology to be applied to functionally diverse areas of operations ranging from complex underground utility networks to the location of parks within the City.