Landscape Requirements

The City of Deerfield Beach has Landscape Requirements and codes that vary based on the type of property you own:

ALL property owners are required to get tree removal permits, maintain existing landscape in a healthy and attractive manner, and remove and replace diseased or dead trees and plant material.
ALL property owners must ensure that tree workers have a Broward County Tree Trimmer’s License.
ALL property owners must not commit tree abuse, which includes tree removal without permits and hat-racking.

Single Family Property Requirements (based on width of property)

Multi-family, Commercial, and Industrial Properties

View the entire Deerfield Beach* Land Development Code online. Chapter 98-80 references Landscape Requirements and Chapter 98-81 references tree preservation and tree abuse. 

View the entire Broward County* Code. Chapter 39, Zoning, Article VIII, Functional Landscaping, addresses some of the older sections of Deerfield Beach that were once unincorporated Broward County. 

*Although our City codes reflect the county codes, there are some differences. Please contact the City Landscape Architect's office if you are not sure which code applies to you. All new development and improvements are subject to City of Deerfield Beach codes only.