Planning & Development Services

Planning & Development's mission is to plan and facilitate quality development and redevelopment, promote neighborhood sustainability, and facilitate the enhancement of the human and natural environment of the City. We are comprised of two divisions: Planning & Zoning and Building.

Planning & Zoning Division

The division is responsible to administer and coordinate City, State, and Regional land-use policies and regulations while providing technical assistance to developers and citizens in a manner which facilities compliance.

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Landscaping
  • Administration of City Code

Building Division

The division complies with guidelines established by the Florida Building Commission and the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals. This is to enforce codes and ordinances that ensure safe development of commercial and residential properties.

  • Building Permitting
  • Code Compliance

Covid-19 Information 

We are limiting the number of people occupying the lobby due to social distancing guidelines. Appointments can be made by following the steps below. 

  • Call 954-480-4206 upon arriving at City Hall to set an appointment with Planning. 
  • Your temperature will be taken in the lobby once you are called for your appointment.
  • Waiting times are kept as short as possible.

Advisory Boards

Planning and Development provides administrative support for the Planning and Zoning Board, the Community Appearance Board, and the Zoning Appeals Special Master.

The Planning & Zoning Board is an advisory board to the City Commission by reviewing all matters pertaining to the comprehensive plan, including land use amendments, site plans, plats, vacation and abandonment of public right-of-ways, rezoning, and any code amendments. This board meets the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm. For details on the board members, click here.

The Community Appearance Board reviews and decides on the exterior aesthetics or appearance within the City. It is comprised of five (5) regular and five (5) alternate members, Members must either be residents or business owners in the City. In addition, at least one (1) Florida architect, one registered landscape architect, and one sign contractor must be on the board. Remaining members must be either a Florida registered engineer, a Florida licensed general contractor, an urban planner, or have a Fine Arts degree. This board meets the second and the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  For details on the board members, click here.

The Zoning Appeals Special Master hears and decides on zoning variances, conditional uses, and appeals of administrative decisions. The meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm. The Special Master holds a public hearing on each appeal before making a decision. Any party proceeding before the Special Master may appeal the decision by a writ of certiorari as provided by the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure.

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Planning Staff Contacts

Title Email
Eric Power
Stephen Graham
Assistant Director
Tina Jou
Principal Planner
Bonnie Jacobson
Senior Planner
Jenna Lane
Claudia Viviana Batista
Assistant Planner
Veronica Rodriguez
Planning Coordinator