Environmental Services / Engineering

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The Environmental Services Department is comprised of four divisions administration/engineering, water plant, utilities maintenance, and wastewater services. This department provides technical engineering and utility support to other departments of the City, the public, engineers, architects, and contractors. This Department also oversees the operations of the Streets Maintenance Division, which is funded out of the Road and Bridge Fund.

Engineering and Utilities administration is responsible for the coordination, budget, and quality control of all departmental functions. As such, this division prepares and administers the budget package, monthly reports, and any cost analyses that are required. 

In addition, the administration/engineering division performs the necessary contract administration with private contractors, reviews all of the site and engineering construction activity, coordinates all of the capital improvement plans and projects, and authorizes pay requests and purchase requisitions for the department. 

The development and management of capital projects to support the City’s neighborhood and infrastructure needs is handled by the administration/engineering division. The division prepares the plans and specifications for all in-house capital improvement projects. Staff compiles data, prepares estimates and drawings, performs field surveys, and conducts construction supervision and inspection of both in-house and private infrastructure improvement projects. Additional routine functions of this division include updating water and sewer “As-Builts”, easements, and rights-of-way; tracking land management files; assigning street addresses; coordinating with outside utility and insurance companies to locate underground infrastructures and providing Deerfield Beach Flood Zone and Flood Protection Information.