Chub / Grunt / Snapper


Brassy Chub

Kyphosus vaigiensis
Chub - Bermuda / Gray, 3 chubs swimming one facing camera the other 2 fish showing their profile.

Topsail Chub

Kyphosus cinerascens
Chub - Topsail or spotted, they are light tan in color with multiple white spots all over the body.

Bermuda/Gray Chub

Kyphosus sectatrixBermuda Chub with pale body and fins



Baby Porkfish

Anisotremus virginicus
Blurry baby pork fish with a transparent backend.

Porkfish Juvenile

Anisotremus virginicus
Porkfish Juvenile - more of a white fish with 2 black stripes running down vertically - one of top a


Anisotremus virginicus
Porkfish that is yellow with white horizontal stripes and 2 black stripes on head

Bluestriped Grunt

Haemulon sciurus
Bluestriped Grunt swimming towards camera with mouth open.

Tomtate Grunt

Haemulon aurolineatum
Multiple Tomtates swimming - black spot on tail stripe going down side

Small Mouth Grunt

Brachygenys chrysargyreum
smallmouth grunts - small fish with yellow stripes

Juvenile Smallmouth Grunt

Brachygenys chrysargyreumJuvenile Grunt with 3 dark horizontal stripes running from mid up

Sailors-Choice Grunt

Haemulon parra
sailors-choice animated gif of swimming

White Grunt

Haemulon plumieriiSeveral white grunt swimming in distance

Black Margate

Anisotremus surinamensis
Margate fish that is a white silver body with black fins and tail and a black mark on the body



Mangrove/Gray Snapper

Lutjanus griseus
Grunt - Sailors Choice.  The body of this fish has reddish brown dots covering the silver body.

Mangrove/Gray Snapper

Lutjanus griseus
Gray Snapper fish - has a blackish gray stripe over its eye which runs from its nose to its back acr

Mutton Snapper

Lutjanus analis
Mutton Snapper - olive green on back and upper sides with pink hue fading to lighter belly & dark sp

Dog Snapper

Lutjanus jocu
Dog Snapper - fish has a yellowish tint to it but the defining point is the white triangular marking

Schoolmaster Snapper

Lutjanus apodus
Schoolmaster snapper -body is olive gray with yellow hue fading to lighter belly, with brilliant yel

Yellowtail Snapper

Ocyurus chrysurusyellowtail snapper

Lane Snapper

Lutjanus synagrisLane snapper has a black spot near the tail and yellow stripes

Mahogany Snapper

Lutjanus mahogonimahogany snapper has a dark spot on lateral line, distant shot details are limited.