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The City of Deerfield Beach has been supporting water conservation efforts for years but believes now is the perfect time to encourage its water customers to make conservation a priority. We are offering rebates and free water conserving-devices to encourage you to make water conservation a priority as well For additional information regarding the conservation pays program and rebate incentives visit .

We are also providing free, low-flow water faucet aerators and showerheads to residential customers. You must bring us your old showerhead in order to receive a new showerhead; however, you do not need to bring us your old aerators. We are also offering pre-rinse spray valves to commercial businesses. The showerheads and aerators may be picked up at the Utility Billing counter in City Hall, 150 NE 2 Avenue, and at the Utilities Maintenance Division located at 200 Goolsby Boulevard. 

Rainy season is here! It’s hard to remember to save water when it’s so wet outside. But, as we know, the new normal means spending more time at home. This equals more toilet flushes, more dishes washed, and more items down the drain. The result is higher water usage and higher bills. That’s two thumbs down!  The City of Deerfield Beach and the Broward Water Partnership are here to remind you of the ways you can save water and protect our water resources while spending time at home. You can take shorter showers, run full loads of dishes and laundry, and turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Make sure you’re only watering your lawn on the correct days for your address and when you really need it. You can even try catching some of the rainwater in pots or jars to water your indoor plants! What will save even more water is making small upgrades to your home. Watch the Water Whiz animation for more ideas.

The City of Deerfield Beach and the Broward Water Partnership is here to help. We are offering $100 rebates to replace old toilets with new, high-efficiency models. And, we’re giving out free water-saving devices, like faucet aerators and showerheads. Now that’s two thumbs up!

Visit or call 1-800-270-9794 for complete details. 


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