DFBee Apiary

The City of Deerfield Beach always strives to be a role model for the community. The City’s newest endeavor, in partnership with the Urban Beekeepers, is the DFBee Apiary.

The DFBee Apiary is a collaborative urban beekeeping effort, joining a series of educational micro apiaries in Broward County as part of the Micro-Apiary on Public Lands (MAP) platform. The first apiary to open as part of MAPs was in 2016 at the Discovery Farm and Gardens at Jaco Pastorious Park in Oakland Park, developed and operated by the Urban Farming Institute.

Insects like honeybees pollinate 90%of the world’s flowering plants and are responsible for pollinating about one-third of the food we eat. Unfortunately, honeybee populations are recently facing a significant decline for a variety of reasons. Urban beekeeping and community apiary programs have grown increasingly in metropolitan areas as one way to help counteract this issue.

The DFBee Apiary is located at Central City Campus, a hub for all things sustainable in Deerfield Beach. The City is focused on sustainable actions which urge the importance of coastal resilience, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

Through this program, the City looks to promote environmental stewardship and bee-keeping education. The City aims to encourage the community to bee inspired by the local efforts and educational opportunities.

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Interested in getting an inside look? Schedule a visit to the DFBee Apiary located at Central City Campus, 401 SW 4th St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.

Did You Know:

  • A worker bee gathers in her entire life 1/12 tsp of honey.
  • It requires 10000 worker bees to gather a pound of honey.
  • Bees fly the equivalent of more than twice around the world to gather a pound of honey.
  • To make one pound of honey, a bee must tap two million flowers.
  • A hive of bees flies over 55,000 miles to bring one pound of honey.
  • A bee has five eyes: two with compound lenses and three light sensors on top of her head.
  • A honey bee visits 50-100 flowers during one collection trip.

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