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HireDFB has been designed to encourage the hiring and retention of Deerfield Beach residents to new jobs in the City and to help offset on boarding costs. 

Eligible applicants may receive a one-time award based in increments of $500 per eligible employee for a maximum of 50 awards per business.


Applicants must meet all the following requirements to be eligible to receive assistance:

  • Be a new or existing non-retail businesses located within City limits that have not received other type of Economic Development incentives within the past 2 years.
  • Applicants must possess a valid City and County Business license. Business licenses must be kept current throughout the Program.
  • A business must either own the property or have an executed multi-year lease. (3-year minimum)
  • The new jobs offered by the Applicant shall add to the City’s total job base and/or result in a net increase in the number of employees of the non-retail business.


Application submissions that qualify for award will be awarded on a first come basis until funding has been depleted for the FY in which the Program is active. Validation and determination of award based on application and supporting documentation is at the sole discretion of the City.


  • The program is subject to the City’s funding cycle and applications are accepted and reviewed on a first come, first eligible, first complete basis.
  • All new jobs must be on site at a facility located within City limits.
  • Existing employees on current payroll are not eligible.
  • Employer must offer a minimum of 5 new jobs.
  • 25% of the new employees must be comprised of residents in a low-income census tract in Deerfield Beach.
  • New jobs must be created within three (3) months of approval of application.
  • Employer must retain employee(s) for a minimum of six months.                         
  • An award may be made based in increments of $500 per eligible employee for a maximum of 100 awards per business. This means an employer may receive up to $50,000 per program year for eligible new hires employed
  • Payments will occur in two installments of 50% each for the total New Jobs agreed.
  • If a qualifying job is not retained for the minimum six-month period, the $500 incentive will be revoked in full.


HireDFB Program Guidelines

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