Approved Documents

Citizen Participation Plan

The City of Deerfield Beach has created a Citizen Participation Plan (CPP), in accordance with 24 CFR Section 91.105, to explain the opportunity all citizens have to participate in the process of preparing the Consolidated Plan, Action Plan, any substantial amendments to the Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plans, the Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) for CDBG activities and any amendments.

The Citizen Participation Plan sets forth the City of Deerfield Beach policies and procedures for public involvement in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of its housing and community development programs.  The following Citizen Participation Plan establishes the citizen participation standards for programs covered by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

The Citizen Participation Plan extends and strengthens partnerships among all levels of government and the private sector, including for-profit and non-profit organizations, in the production and operation of decent housing, suitable living environments, and expanded economic opportunities.  

The City of Deerfield Beach 2020/2024 Consolidated Plan and 2020/2021 Annual Action Plan 

The Consolidated Plan is a comprehensive document that describes the City’s housing market conditions, identifies the need for affordable housing and community development, and provides strategies to address the needs over a five-year period. In order to receive funds each year, HUD requires the City to develop and submit a five-year Consolidated Plan that is implemented in annual increments as Annual Action Plans. The Annual Action Plan identifies the proposed projects and shows the linkage between projects and the specific objectives developed to address the priority needs identified in the Consolidated Plan.

The City of Deerfield Beach Annual Action Plan

The City of Deerfield Beach Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)

The CAPER details the accomplishments and progress toward goals spelled out in the City's previous year Annual Action Plan.

State Housing Initiative (SHIP) Annual Reports

The City of Deerfield Beach SHIP Annual Reports are available for public inspection and comment. Additionally, the City of Deerfield Beach has printed copies of the Annual Reports listed below available at 325 NW 2nd Avenue, Deerfield Beach FL 33441 for public review.