SW 10th Connectors - Community Oversight Advisory Team (COAT)

What is Community Oversight Advisory Team (COAT)

COAT is a focused group of community representatives assembled to discuss the livability measures needed to address the quality of life concerns for all those affected by this active corridor. The COAT is intended to build consensus on the future of SW 10th Street through a collaborative planning and visioning process.

COAT members have two primary responsibilities:

  1. Oversight - maintaining an inclusive process that considers the needs of their constituents.
  2. Advisory - sharing information with one another, receiving feedback from their community and facilitating a supportive path forward for the SW 10th Street corridor.

COAT is comprised of individuals who represent engaged communities within the project study area, including the Cities of Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, and Parkland. COAT representatives are from stakeholder groups such as resident, business, property owner and civic groups.

More Information

Learn more regarding the SW 10th Connectors from the Broward MPO.