Featured Artist, Ben Hicks

Ben Hicks 1
South-Florida based photographer

Ben Hicks

has journeyed across the Americas and ventured to exotic locales spanning the globe to compose a profoundly diverse collection of fine-art photography that truly captures the majestic beauty of the natural world. Deerfield Beach is home to a sea turtle habitat, a beautiful fishing pier and the best waves in south Florida to surf. A perfect combination of action and serenity that are pleasing to the creative eye of this self-proclaimed “adventure-boy” who is known to take big risks to capture the most complex, often dangerous situations like hurricane-sized waves and animal encounters all to share his admiration and respect for Mother Nature’s creations. 

Whether shooting the tropical beachscape of the Deerfield Beach Atlantic, the tranquility and poise of sea turtles as they venture into the ocean off our shores or the bold and fierce nature of a magnificent wave, Ben’s distinctive vision and approach to photography is sure to captivate viewers and serve as a testament to his enjoyment and love of nature.

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