Planning & Zoning Forms

The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for long-range and comprehensive planning; current or neighborhood and project planning; maintenance and administration of the City's zoning code, which includes administration of sign permits and the Certificate of Use program.


To plan and facilitate quality development and redevelopment, promote neighborhood sustainability, and facilitate the enhancement of the human and natural environment of the City. 

CAB Changes

On July 2, 2018, the City Commission approved changes to Chapter 78 of the Deerfield Beach Land Development Code related to the Community Appearance Board (CAB).  Development projects must now follow the requirements adopted under Ordinance 2018/023.
The Community Appearance Board is responsible for the aesthetic appearance of the City and provides recommendations to the City Commission on development regarding building elevations, landscaping, building materials, signage and lighting. In addition, the Community Appearance Board makes decisions related to the painting of existing buildings, master signage plans and minor changes to building elevations which do not require City Commission approval.  Among the approved changes are:

  • Changes to project submittal requirements and project processing.
  • Creation of Special Architectural Districts.
  • New Language regarding minimum standards for building materials signs, lighting, open space, parking lots and landscaping.
  • Clarification on projects which are exempt from Community Appearance Board review.

For further information, including copies of the adopted Ordinance and Special Architectural Districts map, please contact the Planning & Zoning Division at 954-480-4206.

All planning and zoning petitions that require Development Review Committee (DRC) certification are REQUIRED TO SCHEDULE AN IN-TAKE MEETING when submitting the application. If the application is not sufficient for review, the application will not be accepted. If the application is sufficient, a DRC date will be provided at the in-take meeting. Please contact Claudia V. Batista at (954)480-4437 or to schedule an intake meeting.

Forms & Fees

Site Plan & Development Applications

Abandonment/Vacation of Easement
Abandonment/Vacation of Right-of-Way
Community Appearance Board Application
Conditional Use Application
Development Permit Disclosure Affidavit
Plat Application
Rezoning Application
Right-of-Way Variance Application
Site Plan Application & Submittal Checklist
Technical Deviation Application
Variance Application

Certificate of Use

Certificate of Use Application

Temporary Holiday Sales

Temporary Holiday Sales Application 

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals Registration Form

Informative Zoning Flyers

Residential Driveway Diagram
Single Family Residential Setbacks Diagram 

Fees & Schedules

Fee Schedule
Setback Schedule

Submission Schedules

  2019 Calendar  

Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

 Appeal of Administrative Decision

 Appeal of Administrative Decision Form


Land Development Code, Sign Code Chapter
Sign Permit Application
Sign Variance Application
Towing Sign Permit Application
Master Signage Application
Approved Master Signage Plan List





Future Land Use Map (24" x 36")
Future Land Use Map (11" x 17")
Zoning Map
Commission Districts Map

Comprehensive Plan Elements

Future Land Use(FLU)
Coastal Management
Recreation and Open Space
Intergovernmental Coordination
Capital Improvements
Public School Facilities