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Hot Spots
The City of Deerfield Beach TV is excited to present "Hot Spots." This webisode is dedicated showcasing some of Deerfield Beach's hottest destinations. Our program will focus on a new nautical venue for water lovers, but occasionally you will see other hidden gems that Deerfield Beach has to offer visitors, staycationers or residents who have never ventured into
The Nautical Paradise that is Deerfield Beach!

Whether you love to scuba dive, fish, ski or just need some entertainment for the kids "Hot Spots" has you covered!

Latest Episode

Episode 9, Catching the Bug in Deerfield Beach

 Check out past episodes of Hot Spots

Episode 8, Burgers in Paradise
Burger Fi, 954.531.6168
Tucker Duke's Lunchbox, 954.708.2035

Episode 7, Deep Sea Fishing in Deerfield Beach
Contact Bolo Sportfishing at 954.943.1808

Episode 6, Surf, Skim & Paddle
Contact Bird Surfboards at 954.943.BIRD (2473)
Contact Island Water Sports at 954.427.4929

Episode 5, Quiet Waters Park
Contact Quiet Water Park at 954.357.5100

Episode 4, Boating in Deerfield Beach     
Contact Marina One at 954.421.2500
View the Deerfield Beach Waterway Map

Episode 3, Deerfield Beach Historic Hot Spots
Contact the Historical Society at 954.429.0378

Episode 2, December Dining in Deerfield Beach
Deerfield Beach Cafe, 954.426.0500
Oceans 234, 954.428.2539
JBs on the Beach, 954.571.5220
The Whale's Rib, 954.421.8880
Barracuda Bar & Seafood, 954.531.1290
Two Georges at the Cove, 954.4219272
Casa Maya Grill, 954.570.6101
Olympia Flame Diner, 954.480.8402
El Balcon De Las Americas, 954.420.9522
JByrd's Muddy Waters, 954.428.6577

Episode 1, Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier
Contact the International Pier at 954.480.4407