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"All In" Recycling
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All In Recycling is the City of Deerfield Beach’s automated recycling rewards partnership program. The program is designed to push recycling participation and volume to higher levels, thereby reducing waste, maximizing service efficiency and promoting local businesses by offering savings that reward recyclers.

The program provides each single family household with a wheeled blue recycling cart with a lid, making it simple to mix all clean accepted recyclables into one container. This new cart allows residents to just recycle & roll!

Items that can't be placed in the cart system and where to dispose of them:

Garbage  Central City Campus
Recycling Center:
401 SW 4 Street
8-4 Tue-Fri, 8-12 Sat and Mon
City ID Required
Central  City Campus
2nd Saturday per Month
9am- noon
City ID Required
Food Waste Latex paint
Toxic chemicals, auto fluids, pool
chemicals, charcoal starter, etc
Plastic Bags: 
return to local grocerer
 Yard Waste Tires ($2 each)  Oil based paints, stains, solvents,
Egg Cartons:
return to local grocerer
 Bulk items Motor Oil, filters and anti freeze  Lawn chemicals, kerosene,
 Medicine: Hold for BSO
Vehicle, rechargeable
 and NiCad  batteries
 Fluorescent bulbs, aerosol liquids  
 TVs, computers, 
anything with a cord

 For more information regarding acceptable items at the Central City Drop-off Center click here.

Recycling Perks - Incentive Program
Residents who sign up will accumulate points each time they recycle. Those points are then redeemed for discounts at participating local restaurants, shops, and entertainment spots. Just by recycling, residents support our community businesses by buying local, helping to spur our local economy. Recyclers can claim rewards valued up to $25.00 per month or more.

Residents can sign up today for Recycling Perks for free and begin earning points for recycling.

How it works for residents
Residents receive a blue recycling cart that contains a special radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that identifies that home's address. As the automated arm on the new automated recycling vehicle tips the cart it, collects data from the RFID. This information is then used to provide the City with a variety of information, and awards recyclers with points that can then be redeemed for rewards.

For more information
For Residents:
  • Contact the City’s Recycling Specialist via email or by phone at 954-480-1425.
  • Visit the Recycling Perks website and sign up today for free

For Businesses:
  • To learn how to become a Rewards Partner, please contact Recycling Perks at
  • To learn how to get even more benefits as a Rewards Partner by setting up a commercial recycling account, please contact the City’s Recycling Division via email to or by phone at 954-480-4391 or schedule an appointment.

Disclaimers: Recycling Perks and the recycling rewards program is operated and managed by Recycling Perks, LLC through a contract with the City of Deerfield Beach. All program benefits and requirements are subject to change without notice. The City reserves the right to suspend or terminate the program and any benefits or rewards at the City's sole discretion.