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Posted on: July 13, 2017

Don’t Get Buried This Hurricane Season

Making sure your community recovers quickly from a storm

In the event of a hurricane, the City of Deerfield Beach team hits the ground with all its resources to restore order to the City as quickly as possible.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires residential gated and private communities to enter into disaster debris removal agreements with the City in order for the City to be able to clear private roads of hurricane debris.

An explanatory letter and debris removal agreement will be mailed to each affected HOA address that the City has on file. The agreement can also be downloaded at the following link:

Agreements must be signed by the HOA President or designee. Therefore, if you are a resident in one of these communities we urge you to contact your HOA board member and encourage them to proactively reach-out to the City.

For additional information on the Disaster Debris Removal agreements, please call 954-480-4386 or visit

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