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Posted on: May 22, 2017

DFB Mayor Launches Facebook Page

Deerfield Beach Mayor, Bill Ganz is excited to announce that he has launched his government Facebook page in an effort to engage citizens, address resident concerns and set the record straight when it comes to rumors and misinformation. The Mayor’s official Facebook page is now live and residents can find it by simply typing Deerfield Beach Mayor, Bill Ganz into the Facebook search bar or clicking this link,


“Social media is a very effective way of communicating. This is how we are staying in touch with our family members and sharing ideas,” said Mayor Ganz.  He added, “While I was on the campaign trail I promised to make myself available to residents and I intend to keep that promise. I want to use these tools to engage our residents, keep them informed, seek their opinions and to address inaccurate information or rumors that might be circulating in our community.”


Mayor Ganz is also available on Twitter @DFB_MayorGanz and he has also implemented @DFB_Alerts, which is used to notify residents of any police or fire-related emergencies that impact the public.


“We are communicating more information than ever to our residents, but our residents are responsible for getting connected, so do it today. I hope to see you all on social media,” said Mayor Ganz.


For more information on the Mayor’s social media pages contact the Public Affairs and Marketing office at 954.480.4430 or 954.480.4232.



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