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Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

Special Meeting


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

6:30 P.M.

City Commission Chambers, Deerfield Beach City Hall



The meeting was called to order by Chair Capellini at 6:30 p.m. on the above date in the City Commission Chambers, City Hall.


Roll Call:


            Present:                                  Mr. Steve Gonot ? Tardy

                                                            Ms. Pam Militello

                                                            Mr. Martin Popelsky

                                                            Vice Chair Sylvia Poitier

                                                            Chair Albert R. Capellini, P.E.


            Also Present:                         Michael Mahaney, City Manager

                                                            Andrew Maurodis, CRA Attorney

                                                            Ada Graham-Johnson, CMC, City Clerk



APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA                                                    TAPE 1, COUNT 0021


September 2, 2008


MOTION was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Vice Chair Poitier approve the agenda as submitted.


Voice Vote:  YEAS:  Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini. NAYS:  None.


Approval of minutes                                                                        tape 1, count 0027


August 19, 2008


MOTION was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Vice Chair Poitier to approve the minutes as submitted.


Voice Vote:  YEAS:  Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini. NAYS:  None.

General Items


                                    ITEM 1                                               TAPE 1, COUNT  0034


Supplemental Work Authorization for Continuing Services for Post Design/CEI Services for the Phase II ?S? (SR-A1A) Street Improvement project with McMahon and Associates in the amount of $27,900. (Continued from the August 19, 2008 meeting)


Resolution 2008/004 - A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of the City of Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency authorizing a supplemental work authorization with McMahon Associates, Inc. to provide continuing professional engineering services for Post-Design / CEI Services for Phase II ?S? Curve (SR ? A1A) Street Improvements, Project No. L04428.4A, in the amount of $27,900.00.


Chair Capellini stated that after reviewing additional backup, he was satisfied with the conditions.


Ms. Militello concurred with Chair Capellini.


MOTION was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Vice Chair Poitier to adopt Resolution 2008/004.


Voice Vote:  YEAS:  Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini. NAYS:  None.


ITEM 2                                               TAPE 1, COUNT 0048


Design, Permitting, Construction Administration. (Continued from the August 19, 2008 meeting)  The Iler Planning Group has submitted a proposed Scope of Services to prepare the construction documents and monitor the construction of the Phase I Cove Parking Lot Improvements.  The proposed scope has been reviewed by Mr. DaBrusco and his staff and has been found to be acceptable.


Gerald Ferguson, Director of Planning and Growth Management/Building, gave a brief introduction of those present to discuss the item, as well as an overview of the project.


Mr. Gonot entered the meeting at 6:33 p.m.


Ms. Militello said that the cost of $430,000 for the project seems exorbitant.  She asked what is being done that would cause the price to be so excessive.  She suggested that maybe the City should look at other companies.


General Items ? CONTINUED


Brett Nein, Jacobs Consultancy, said that their organization is doing a majority of the work since it is an engineering project, with the architectural components that were added in, as identified in Phase I.  He stated that as discussed at the last meeting, they performed research through four (4) sources, American Society of Civil Engineers, School Board of Broward County, Florida Department of Management Services (who administers State contracts), and Broward County, County Improvements Program completed between 1997 ? 2005, to determine the average rate design and construction phase, which is included in this project, which was 13.82% of the construction cost.  However, the projects vary in size, but this project approximates at $3.1 million, $2.5 for the parking lot and approximately $600,000 for potential architectural improvements, including the entry feature and signage that the Board requested. 


Chair Capellini said that the percentage is unacceptable.  He said that the City would like to see a break down of all the costs, i.e. cost of drainage permit, construction design, inspections, etc.  Notwithstanding, $430,000 for a parking lot is excessive, considering that the parking lot is already there. He asked what services would be provided during the inspection stage; as it might be possible to delete that portion of the service and have City Staff perform said services instead. He said that all these components should be reviewed.


Mr. Fine said that the cost was summarized, which is how the figure came about.  He said that they will be glad to provide the cost breakdown.


Ms. Militello said that the Hillsboro Streetscape project is a mile long project and costs $7 million.  She asked how a parking lot can cost $3 million.


Mr. Fine replied that this is much more than just paving; the project includes landscaping, lighting, special paving, etc.


Ms. Militello stated that these same services are being provided with the Hillsboro Streetscape Project.  She said that this project is becoming much more expensive than she had initially expected, especially considering what is being done with the Hillsboro Project.


Mr. Fine said that the drainage and electrical has to be redone.

Chair Capellini said that the magnitude of construction between the parking lot and the streetscape does not equate.


Mr. Fine stated that the streetscape project does not include repaving the road, but beautification of the sidewalk.  Additionally, the entire parking lot will be totally reconstructed.


Charles DaBrusco, Assistant Director of Public Works & Environmental Services, stated that the entire roadway is being built.

General Items ? CONTINUED


Vice Chair Poitier recommended going out for bid.  She said that if the District Commissioner has a concern about the cost and the Chair, who is an engineer, who has also expressed concern, then the Board should consider accepting bids. Having other bids will allow the Board to compare Iler?s costs to others. 


Mr. Popelsky stated that he has no objection to the bid process.


Vice Chair Poitier stated that she does not need a legal opinion.


Andrew Maurodis, City Attorney, said that this is not a price bid based on CCMA.  He stated that the Board would be seeking a request for proposal (RFP). 


In response to Vice Chair Poitier?s statement, Mr. Maurodis stated that the RFP would be for professional and architectural engineers.


In response to Vice Chair Poitier?s question, Chair Capellini replied that the Board would be seeking an RFP for fees. 


Mr. Maurodis clarified that the request would be for qualifications (RFQ) and not a bid.  He said you cannot request price when retaining an engineer and architect.  He said that once the RFQ?s were received, the Board would negotiate a price with the first choice and if it is not acceptable, then it would negotiate with the second choice. 


Vice Chair Poitier said that she would like to make it legal to negotiate the price.


Mr. Maurodis stated that a motion is needed to perform an RFQ.


Ms. Militello said that she does not have a level of comfort with what has been provided by the organization.


Mr. Fine stated that they would be more than happy to bid a different scope that takes out the construction phase.  He said no one is providing any input.


Chair Capellini stated that he would prefer having other proposals. 


In response to Ms. Militello?s question, Chair Capellini replied that he is still in favor of the project.


MOTION was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Mr. Gonot to go out for bid.


Voice Vote:  YEAS:  Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini. NAYS:  None.


Mr. Maurodis said that he has to check the Iler contract with regard to the procedural record.  He asked that the Board take the necessary action with regard to the Iler contract, in order to implement the Motion. 

General Items ? CONTINUED


Chair Capellini replied yes, the Board did. 


Mr. Maurodis clarified that Ms. Militello has indicated that it was included in her Motion, and there is unanimous consent.  


Board/Administration Comments


Mr. Gonot - No Report


Ms. Militello - No Report.


Mr. Popelsky - No Report.


Vice Chair Poitier  -  No Report.


Chair Capellini  -   Former Boca Raton Mayor ? Chair Capellini recognized former Mayor Steve Abrams in the audience.




There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.