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Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order by Chair Capellini at 6:07 p.m. on the above date in the City Commission Chambers, City Hall.


Roll Call:


            Present:                                  Mr. Steve Gonot

Ms. Pam Militello

Mr. Martin Popelsky

Vice Chair Sylvia Poitier

Chair Albert R. Capellini, P.E.


            Also Present:


                                                            Michael Mahaney, City Manager

                                                            Andrew Maurodis, City Attorney

                                                            Samantha Gillyard, Deputy City Clerk


Approval of the agenda                                        TAPE 1, COUNT 0058


April 29, 2008


MOTION was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Vice Chair Poitier to approve the agenda as submitted. 


ROLL CALL:  YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS:  None.


Approval of minutes


December 18, 2007


Prior to the Approval of the Agenda, Gerald Ferguson, Director of Planning & Growth Management/Building Department, asked that the minutes be recognized at the next CRA Meeting.


General Items


                                    ITEM 1                                               TAPE 1, COUNT 0080


Hillsboro Streetscape Professional Services Contract Optional Tasks – approval of payment.

General Items – CONTINUED


Gerald Ferguson, Director of Planning and Growth Management/Building Department, stated when the proposal was drawn up by the consultant for the designing the Hillsboro Streetscape Project, there were items that the consultants were not sure would be provided by FDOT; thus, they were placed in the contract as optional items.  After some time, it was determined that FDOT did not have the information. In accordance with the terms of the contract, verbal authorization was obtained from the City Manager and the CRA Director to proceed with the optional work.  Nonetheless, a supplemental agreement to the contract was necessary.  He stated that since the supplement was never complete, he is asking the Board to move forward with such.  He stated that the work has been performed, but payment has not been made.    


MOTION was made by Vice Chair Poitier and seconded by Mr. Popelsky to pay $34,000 for services rendered by Iler Planning Group.


Voice Vote: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS:  None.


                                    ITEM 2                                               TAPE 1, COUNT 0133


Consideration and/or award of Hillsboro Streetscape Construction Contract (Project No. 11015-P).


Gerald Ferguson, Director of Planning and Growth Management/Building Department, asked that the project manager address the Board.


Charles DaBrusco, Assistant Director of Public Works & Environmental Services, stated that bids were opened on April 21, 2008 for the Hillsboro Streetscape Project.  He said that there is an agreement to do work on Hillsboro with FDOT.  He explained that due to the possibility of escalating costs, they recommended that the project is completed in phases, along with a base bid.  He said components required by the FDOT contract were included; however, undergrounding and streetscaping were not included in the base bid.  Additionally, there were added alternates to determine if the cost would be feasible; to include: 1) brick pavers for sidewalks, in lieu of concrete sidewalks; and 2) increased the size of the plantings from the original plan.   


In response to Vice Chair Poitier’s question, Mr. DaBrusco replied that they are considered add alternates, not tasks.


City Manager Michael Mahaney provided Vice Chair Poitier with information she was missing.


Continuing, Mr. DaBrusco discussed the additional alternatives, to include Item 3a) undergrounding, 3b) not undergrounding.  He stated that if undergrounding is not included, it will change the landscaping plan with larger trees in the right of way because they grow into the lights.  He further explained that some lights would have to be  relocated  and  the  light  poles  would  have to  be  taller; and  4) adjust  utilities  for underground.  He stated that the lowest responsive bidder was Ric-Man Construction, Inc., in the amount of $6,271.620.73.  The last of the six (6) bidders, H&J Contractors is considered non-responsive, as they did not include figures for add alternate Items 2 and 3a.


Andrew Maurodis, City Attorney, asked for clarification on the cost, as the Resolution notes a different price.


Mr. DaBrusco replied that it is possible that both 3a and 3b were included in the total.  He stated that the correct figure is $6,271,620.73, including add alternate 3a.


Vice Chair Poitier asked for clarification on add alternates on the bids.


Mr. DaBrusco replied that undergrounds are included on all bids.


Vice Chair Poitier asked if all the right of ways for the undergrounds were included.


Mr. DaBrusco replied yes.


Continuing, Mr. DaBrusco explained how the low bid process worked and how each bidder is investigated to determine if they are responsive and responsible.


Vice Chair Poitier asked why H&J Construction was considered non-responsive.


Mr. DaBrusco replied that prices were not included for add alternates 2, 3a and 3b.


Chair Capellini asked that Mr. DaBrusco verify that H&J Construction was non-responsive to avoid any issues in the future.


Mr. DaBrusco said that the contract documents are clear, no blanks should be left.


Mr. Gonot asked Mr. DaBrusco to explain the bid package.


Mr. DaBrusco stated that all the information was fully packaged to each contractor, all contractors have the same information, along with adequate information to provide a bid. 


Mr. Gonot asked if the scope was clear.


Mr. DaBrusco reiterated that adequate information was provided for the bid.  He said based on the various scenarios, the bid depends on which add alternates the City chooses to determine which contractor would be recommended as the low bidder. 


Mr. Gonot requested more clarification on FDOT requirements.  He further expressed concern regarding the full package.


Mr. DaBrusco stated that the contract was broken into sections; by taking a base bid plus add alternates, since it was unclear how much CRA funds would be available.  If funding was not sufficient, the plan could be amended to either delete larger trees or undergrounding.


Mr. Ferguson stated that it the base bid included the minimum required by FDOT.


In response to Chair Capellini’s question, Mr. DaBrsuco replied that H&J would not have been the lowest bidder even if the add alternates they provided were included, when compared to the lowest bidder with all the add alternates.


Mr. Popelsky asked if Mr. DaBrusco had any experience working with the bidders.


Mr. Maurodis stated that Mr. DaBrusco has stated that all the bidders were responsible and responsive, indicating they are qualified.  He said responsible speaks to ability to perform.


Mr. Popelsky again asked if Mr. DaBrusco was comfortable with the bidders.


Mr. DaBrusco replied yes.


Ms. Militello asked if the add alternate included street light poles, bus benches, and other items.


Mr. DaBrusco replied yes, if add alternates are chosen.  He stated that the alternates chosen will determine the cost and the appearance of the Hillsboro Streetscape.


Motion was made by Vice Chair Poitier to award the contract to Ric-Man Construction, for the bid price of $6,271,620.73, to include alternates 3a and 3b.


Mr. Maurodis clarified and recommended that the Board consider a resolution to include all add alternates except 3b.


CRA Resolution 2008/001 - A Resolution of the City of Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, authorizing the award of a contract for the Hillsboro Streetscape Project (Project No. 11015-P) to Ric-Man Construction in the amount of $6,271.620.73. 


Resolution read by title only.


Mr. Maurodis reiterated that by adopting the Resolution, the Board agrees to include add alternatives 1, 2, 3a, and 4.


MOTION was made by Vice Chair Poitier and seconded by Ms. Militello to adopt CRA Resolution 2008/001, awarding the Hillsboro Streetscape Project to Ric-Man Construction.


Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS:  None.


Additionally, Mr. Maurodis stated that there will be a similar resolution at the Special City Commission Meeting.  He stated that although this is a CRA project and will be executed by the CRA, the City of Deerfield Beach provided services for the bid process; additionally, the City’s procurement code was utilized and was adopted by the CRA.  He reminded the Board that there is a bond issue and an agreement between the City and CRA to pay for the project.


Mr. DaBrusco stated that at the next CRA Meeting, he will have one (1) agenda item for CEI Construction Administrative Services.  He said that he was unable to provide the information this evening because it was unclear what add alternates the Board would select; this changes the price.


Mr. Maurodis stated that there will be a brief addendum in the presence of Dan Mancini, Ric Man, which indicates that the contract is being executed by the CRA, which was a part of the Motion.


Ms. Militello asked Mr. DaBrusco for clarification on CEI.


Mr. DaBrusco replied Construction Administration; typically the engineer that designs the project is most familiar with it and they will provide construction administrative services during the contract.  He stated that it is a percentage of the contract; thus, now that it has been determined what items will be included in the contract, he can spell out the length of the contract and determine the scope of the services, which will in turn determine their fees.


                                    ITEM 3                                               TAPE 1, COUNT 0560


Consideration and/or award of A-1-A PD&E Study contract with Metric Engineering in the amount of $1,161,014.13 (funded by Federal “earmarked” funds).


Gerald Ferguson, Director of Planning and Growth Management/Building Department, stated that this is for the PD&E Study for the Phase 3 of the A-1-A Master Plan to be funded with Federal funds.


Andrew Maurodis, City Attorney, stated that this requires approval by the Board, as the contract will be between the City and Metric, since the City is a recipient of the grant.  He said the City would pay out and be reimbursed by FDOT; thus the contract should reflect such. 


Carl Peter, Director of Public Works & Environmental Services, stated that there is a representative present from FDOT to answer any questions.  He stated that the proposed  contract  is to perform the study under federal  requirements  to  determine  if  there is an alternative to the A-1-A S-Curve, whether there should be a bypass or other lane configuration for improved traffic flow. He said there is an earmark from the Federal Government for approximately $2.6 million to start the study, which is over $1 million of those funds; the remaining funds will be designated for design work and possibly right of way acquisition, if deemed as a chosen alternative.  Additionally, the contract contains 43 pages of detailed tasks that FDOT has implemented for this type of study, which follows the Federal guidelines for a PD&E.  He stated that it is a long process, but they have chosen a reputable firm.


Vice Chair Poitier asked if the consultants came back with an alternative to remove the S-Curve, who would have the right to decline the alternative, even if the District Commissioner has illustrated her stance.


Mr. Peter stated that the study will be done, and one of the alternatives is a no-build alternative, providing four options with pros and cons.


Vice Chair Poitier asked who has the right to refuse the consultant’s suggestion.


Mr. Peter replied the Board.


Mr. Maurodis stated that the resolution has a provision authorizing the Mayor to execute the contract upon approval by FDOT subject to the bidding process and the contract is being acceptable.


Patrick Glass, FDOT Project Manager, replied yes, they have worked closely together for completion.


Ms. Militello stated that she had a lot of questions with regard to this project and to ensure public input, there were many workshops to make sure the public was involved as it is a conflict area.  She said the Board is doing their best to make sure the public is involved.  She urged the public to stay involved in the process.


Motion was made by Ms. Militello seconded by Vice Chair Poitier to award the A1A PD&E contract to Metric Engineering.


Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS:  None.


                                    ITEM 4                                               TAPE 1, COUNT 740


Authorization to request cost proposal for Cove Shopping Center Parking Lot Construction Plans.


Chair Capellini asked if this proposal falls under CCNA requirements.


Andrew Maurodis, City Attorney, replied yes, there is a continuing contract; this was initially a part of the CCNA, it is a part of the original contract.


Gerald Ferguson, Director of Planning and Growth Management/Building Department, stated that it was an option that had no fee amount associated.  Additionally, he stated that this was for design and cost estimate for the Phase I improvements of the Cove Shopping Center Master Plan, approved in December.  He stated that it is not a commitment to building anything, but to the price to have the construction plans drawn up and the cost estimate. 


Chair Capellini stated that he only wanted to clarify that CCNA requirements were being followed. 


Motion was made by Ms. Militello and seconded by Vice Chair Poitier to approve the cost proposal for the Cove Shopping Center Parking Lot Construction Plans.


Voice vote: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Militello, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Poitier, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS:  None.


Board / Administration Comments


CRA Attorney - No Report.


City Clerk - No Report.


Mr. Gonot – No Report.   


Ms. Militello - No Report


Mr. Popelsky - No Report.


Vice Chair Poitier - No Report.


Chair Capellini – No Report.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m.