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Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

6:45 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Capellini on the above

date in the City Commission Chambers, City Hall.


Roll Call:


PRESENT:                Mr. Steve Gonot

                                    Ms. Sylvia Poitier 

                                    Mr. Marty Popelsky

                                    Vice Chair Pam Militello

                                    Chair Albert Capellini


ALSO PRESENT:     Carlos Baia, CRA Director

                                    Ada Graham-Johnson, Acting City Manager

                                    Samantha L. Gillyard, Acting City Clerk





August 15, 2006




June 20, 2006


Due to a late start, approval of agenda and minutes were not discussed.




ITEM 1                                   TAPE 1, COUNT 046


                        PROPOSED FISCAL YEAR 2007 BUDGET

Carlos Baia, Economic Director, provided a PowerPoint presented to discuss the Fiscal Year 2007 budget. 


Fiscal Year 2006 Accomplishments – Mr. Baia stated that during the current Fiscal Year, the CRA obtained all necessary FPL easements for the Hillsboro Streetscape Project; SRA1A Reliever Road Project garnered an additional $2 million in earmarks, thanks to Congressman Shaw’s office, adding to a total of $2.7 million for the project.  Additionally, the bid was approved for the North Boardwalk Extension and construction is scheduled to begin on September 5th.  Moreover, the CRA Plan update is in progress; the SRA1A Master Plan was initiated this year; and the accounting practices between the CRA and the City were better defined.



Cautious Economic Trends – Mr. Baia stated that there are some cautious economic trends that would have an impact on the revenue stream, as the City is at the mercy of the real estate market and property appraiser.


He stated that the City is seeing a cooling real estate market, which is related to a number of factors; such as the uncertain insurance market. It is becoming more difficult for the commercial and residential developers to obtain insurance, be it temporary or long term, for commercial projects.


Mr. Baia continued to address various economic trends, including, rising construction costs, interest rates, and reduced millage rates.


TIF Detail – Mr. Baia stated that during FY 2007, revenue of $2.4 million is anticipated.  He stated that this is a substantial increase, and reflects the addition of Puerta del Sol, One Ocean Boulevard, and CVS Pharmacy, which added up to approximately $50 million in value.


He stated that in FY 2008, a significant increase is not likely, because there are not any major projects that would be reflected on tax rolls.


Moreover, during FY 2009, he stated that the TIF will increase due to the proposed construction of the Antilla Plaza, Riverview Inn, and the Island Point project.  Those projects should be at a minimum of $20 million in new value.


Trends in TIF Payments – Mr. Baia stated that this chart illustrates TIF payments since the year 2000, which have grown dramatically.  He stated that most likely, they will plateau a little next year and then accelerate.


Fiscal Year 2007 Highlights – Mr. Baia stated that the there is a $2.4 million operating budget, of which $589,000 is allocated to the contingency fund.  There will not be any additional staff positions and most line items will remain status quo.  However, one exception, in terms of a significant increase, is the commercial façade funding for the CRA.


Commercial Façade Program – Mr. Baia stated that there is currently $70,000 in that program and is based on $10,000 per business allotment.  However, he would like to increase that line item to $750,000, changing the parameters to allow up to $100,000 per building with a 1:1 match. 


Continuing, he stated that during discussions with Gerald Ferguson, Director of Planning and Growth Management, they decided to work out a formula for calculating the façade contribution; however, the total amount of $750,000 will not change, if approved.


Additionally, he stated that the CRA would work with the Cove Management Association, which is the Merchant’s Association.  They have retained an architect on a pro-bono basis and would work with them to develop any architectural criteria that would be acceptable to both parties.  He stated that they are proposing to increase the marketing of the program to bring more individuals to the table.


Redevelopment Trust Fund – Mr. Baia stated that these funds are carried over from year to year; any unspent dollars in the CRA are deposited into this fund.  From 1999 to present, there is currently $1.6 million in the trust fund.  This is in addition to the CRA operating budget.  These are dollars that can be used for CRA projects.  In light of some of the cautious trends previously mentioned, this fund would assist with capital improvement projects over the next few years.


Mr. Baia opened the discussion for questions by the Commission.


ITEM 2                                   Tape 1, Count 230




Mr. Baia stated that he has provided information on the CRA update in prior board letters, and the one item that is outstanding on this particular project is the Capital Improvement Program. 


Continuing, Mr. Baia stated that Vice Chair Militello has asked to include the Cove Shopping Center parking lot improvements understanding that the improvements will include striping, lighting improvement, etc. 


Additionally, Mr. Baia stated that Commissioner Popelsky has proposed improvements to the pier entrance and pier restaurant.  He stated that Staff is proposing a capital improvement project for the main beach parking lot, which would be a reconfiguration of the drive house to fit into the master plan for the barrier island.


Moreover, Mr. Baia stated that Staff is proposing that the Hillsboro lot, fire lot, and the main beach lot be connected and placing the drive house in a north south configuration to facilitate the flow of traffic.


Vice Chair Militello asked what was the status of band shelves and other items being added to the main beach parking lot.


Mr. Baia replied that this project is being proposed for the capital improvement program, and there are not any up-to-date renderings, but feels that it will be necessary.  If it can be addressed prior to the next CRA update, he would like it included as an option.  He stated that if these are the projects the Board would like to approve, he would need a





MOTION was by Vice Chair Militello and Seconded by Mr. Gonot to include projects in the Capital Improvement Program.  Roll Call: YEAS: Mr. Gonot, Ms. Poitier, Mr. Popelsky, Vice Chair Militello, and Chair Capellini.  NAYS: None.





Carlos Baia announced the Public Workshop for the Beach Area Traffic Master Plan will held Thursday November 9, 2006, 5:30-8:30 at Westside Park.





There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.