Water & Utilities Billing


Utilities Billing

Deerfield Beach City Hall
150 NE 2nd Avenue, Deerfield Beach FL 33441
Phone:  954-480-4279
Fax:  954-480-4277
email:  cs@deerfield-beach.com

Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
After Hours Emergency Water Service  954-480-4370
The Utilities Billing department opens new accounts, close existing accounts, process utility bills and submit field crew service call requests.
To establish a new account, the property owner or tenant must bring the following in person to the Utilities department at City Hall.
  • Application for Service, completed and signed by owner or tenant
  • Copy of Closing Statement (if owner) or lease (if tenant), signed
  • Driver's License or state/government issued picture ID
  • Security Deposit
To close an existing account, the account holder must provide written notice using any of the following options.  Please be sure to include the account number, service termination date and the forwarding mailing address.
  • Fax to 954-480-4277
  • Email to cs@deerfield-beach.com
  • By mail to:  Utilities Billing, City of Deerfield Beach, 150 NE 2nd Ave, Deerfield Beach FL 33441
  • In person at City Hall by completing an application
To update a mailing address, requires written notice by fax, email or mail to the Utilities department.

Utility payments can be made by mail; online via the City's website; by automatic fund transfer using a checking account; in person at City Hall's cashier window, and by drop box at City Hall (located by the East entrance door).
Pay Online


Application for Service
Termination of Existing Account
Automatic Fund Transfer Application
Request for Extension Letter
Lien Inquiry Form

Conservation Pays

The City of Deerfield Beach has been supporting water conservation efforts for years but believes now is the perfect time to encourage its water customers to make conservation a priority. We are offering rebates and free water conserving-devices to encourage you to make water conservation a priority as well For additional information regarding the conservation pays program and rebate incentives visit www.conservationpays.com .

We are also providing free, low-flow water faucet aerators and showerheads to residential customers. You must bring us your old showerhead in order to receive a new showerhead; however, you do not need to bring us your old aerators. We are also offering pre-rinse spray valves to commercial businesses. The showerheads and aerators may be picked up at the Utility Billing counter in City Hall, 150 NE 2 Avenue, and at the Utilities Maintenance Division located at 200 Goolsby Boulevard.

Irrigation Rebates

Want to upgrade your home irrigation system? Broward County now offers rebates for installation of EPA WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controllers and pressure regulating spray bodies. Applications open May 13th www.broward.org/IrrigationRebate

Broward County residents who have the intended goal of upgrading their inefficient sprinkler systems with EPA Watersense®-labeled weather-based timers and pressure regulating spray sprinkler bodies can now do so and receive a rebate! For more information, click here.

NatureScape Irrigation Postcard